Música en mi mente: Our hope is just a metaphor

Remember coming home at four in the morning
Before the sun was up
Back when the east was a fire of gold
Just waiting for the rest of the sky to fall in love

Our hope is just a metaphor, of something better
For all of our dreams tonight
And fear is just a shadow of the things that matter the most
And I fear that I’m losing hope tonight

Oh, I feel like I’m dreaming
Staring up at the ceiling
It’s four in the morning
I can’t sleep and it feels like a warning

Oh, would you believe me
If I could say it just the way that I’m feeling
The words that I wanted to say
I feel them slipping away

Remember that kid with the quivering lip
Whose heart was on his sleeve like a first aid kit
Where are you now? Where are you now?

Remember that kid, didn’t know when to quit
I still lose my breath when I think about it
Oh, where’d you go?
Where’d you go?

I know this isn’t what you had wanted
Past words in the present are haunting us now

And on, and on, and on, and on
(I feel I’m slipping away)
My heartbeat can tell you it’s urgent
I try to shout but the words don’t come out

I feel it slipping away

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